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Aprilie 5, 2011
Jumboard could be a toddler’s big button interface to computers

There are hundreds of millions of toddlers and babies who are not online. Some would say that’s just fine and dandy. But, in truth, kids are already ‘using’ media in the form of TV shows aimed at them, so why not...

 Tech News Daily logo.jpg April 19, 2011
Baby-Friendly Keyboard Offers Alternative to Toddler TV

Tired of Teletubbies? With the right accessories and content, even the youngest toddlers can jump-start their online education. A husband-and-wife team in Israel have unveiled a new keyboard cover and website designed to teach kids four and under how to use a computer....

May 11, 2011
Special Keyboard Allows Toddlers To Use Computer And Internet

Don’t want to hear from your kids for an hour or two? Many parents will place their in front of the TV, just to be overcome with parental guilt afterwards. That is exactly why Danny Van Buren and his wife Rachel created Jumboard, a four-buttoned keyboard that “sits” on...